DAHLIA JAV Censored (DLDSS-228) I can't forget the pleasure of being torn apart by a molester - Ayaka Tomoda

切り裂き痴漢ボロボロにされて快感が忘れられない― 友田彩也香

DLDSS-228 Oshima needs to destroy ladies’ garments and assault them. This time’s objective is Ayaka, who as of late changed positions. Oshima’s dream becomes reality by asking the organization’s cleaning staff to seize Ayaka. The dull sparkle of a blade creeps me out, and I regard myself as designated by an unusually fixated chief… While he was staying at work past 40 hours, she was put detained at home and his body was cut open and assaulted in dread and frenzy. Having been cut and assaulted commonly and given a lot of creampie, Ayaka starts to feel the longing to be cut open and ends up being energized. “This is the kind of thing that ought to never be allowed…” – Jav.wine DLDSS228
JAV PornStar Ayaka Tomoda / 友田彩也香 / Tomoda Ayaka

Category: Censored
Duration: 120 minutes