一つ屋根の下で過ごしたあの日。 Wレズ解禁。 ずっと忘れない思い出になった1日

[Ichika Nanjo & Amaharu Noa double lesbian ban lifted! ! ]Two beautiful girls with big G-cup breasts are having an exciting and unknown lesbian session. Two innocent people who know nothing about lesbians spend time together under one roof and experience lesbianism! The two of them were nervous at first, but the more their bodies overlapped, the closer they became…? Director Rena Aoi gives the two first-time lesbians a test…and what answer they envisioned! ?

That day we spent together under one roof. W lesbian ban lifted. A day that became a memory I will never forget

[BBAN397 / BBAN-397 / BBAN 397]