唾液まみれで肢体を貪る親友強襲レズビアン 信じていた親友は私をつけ狙う下着泥棒でした

[Hoshimiya, also known as lesbian, banned]Being victimized by underwear thieves every day. She was full of fear, anxiety, and embarrassment, but somehow managed to calm her down by talking to her best friend Kana. One day, she finally managed to capture her underwear thief on camera. However, what was reflected there was her best friend Kana… The dazzling and precious relationship she had up until now has collapsed, and her best friend’s suppressed desire, who has become a panty fanatic, explodes and attacks her body!

My best friend is an assault lesbian who devours my body covered in saliva.The best friend I trusted was an underwear thief who was after me.

[BBAN401 / BBAN-401 / BBAN 401]