制服少女レズ痴漢 疼く身体を卑猥な手つきで病みつきになるほど敏感開発されて・・・。

[Ayame Tsuzaki’s lesbian ban lifted]The evil hand of a molester lesbian who attacks a pure girl who feels safe in a women-only vehicle. In a situation where she can’t even make a sound and is dominated by fear and shame, she is unable to resist the pleasure and is forced to cum in a silent sexual development. The girl’s body gradually becomes sensitive to the obscene touches of a sticky stalker woman who is hungry for young bodies, and eventually she becomes addicted to the pleasure of lesbianism to the point that she asks to be molested herself… .

Lesbian molester of a girl in uniform. She has developed a sensitivity that makes you addicted to her aching body with obscene touches…

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