失恋レズビアン 傷心した親友に告白。罪悪感に苛まれながらも衝動に身を任せ快楽に溶けていく2人。

[That day when my best friend confessed to the person he liked and got dumped. Even though I felt a sense of sadness, I found myself feeling a little relieved. ]Sumire is in love with Akari, her childhood friend and best friend, but Akari likes someone else, and Sumire decides to help her confess her feelings, even though she has feelings for him. However, there is no smile on Akari’s face when she confesses her feelings, and Sumire’s heart sways as she hears Akari’s words…An emotional lesbian drama depicting the mutual love between sensitive girls.

Heartbroken Lesbian: Confess to your heartbroken best friend. Although they are tormented by guilt, the two surrender to their impulses and melt into pleasure.

[BBAN414 / BBAN-414 / BBAN 414]