目が覚める度に繰り返す日曜日… 親友に襲われ続けるタイムループレズビアン

[Was that just a dream…? It’s the same morning again…]I guess I got very drunk at the company drinking party, but when I woke up the next morning, I was sleeping in the bed at my girlfriend’s best friend Ena’s house. He doesn’t remember what happened last night, but for some reason, Ena presses him and makes him cum… When she wakes up, it’s the same Sunday morning again… A loop that repeats every time you pass out. I wonder if they wandered in on the same day, but somehow I try to remember what happened last night… A time loop lesbian who can’t escape from the chain of pleasure!

Sunday repeats every time I wake up… A time loop lesbian who keeps being attacked by her best friend

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