緊縛監禁レズ調教 没落令嬢の贖罪SMレズビアン

[Nagi Mamiya hemp rope bondage lifted! ]Nagi Mamiya, a young lady from a noble family, runs away from her home in order to escape from her family’s political marriage that is forced upon her after her father passes away. However, she has no one to rely on and is at a loss for where to go, so she visits the house of her former teacher… A lonely young lady who cannot ask anyone for help eventually loses her mind due to the hellish confinement and lesbian training… Two isolated women with emotional scars… A story of a closed lesbian bondage and confinement story.

Bondage and Confinement Lesbian Training – The Redemption of a Fallen Daughter – SM Lesbian

[BBAN423 / BBAN-423 / BBAN 423]