学生時代の恋人と偶然の再会―。 失われた時間を取り戻すように不倫セックスに溺れていく愛人堕ちレズビアン

Two years after getting married, Jun has been living alone in Tokyo since her husband was transferred to a rural area, and one day she happens to run into her old lover Non in the city… Unable to shake off their feelings, the two were married, but they gave in to their urges and passionately sought each other’s bodies, as if to fill their free time. And even though he understands that this is a different and distorted relationship than he had back then, he becomes addicted to her extramarital sex and falls into a relationship with her as her mistress…

A chance reunion with my school sweetheart. A lesbian who falls in love with her lover indulges in adulterous sex to make up for lost time.

[BBAN428 / BBAN-428 / BBAN 428]