女性向けマッサージに没頭する部活少女。性感レズビアン ~筋肉の凝り固まった肢体をじっくりと堪能するレズエステティシャン~

[Kozue Fujita lesbian ban lifted! ! ]Kozue, a tennis girl who is suffering from pain in her feet, decides to try a massage at a women’s only massage parlor that she happens to find. Although she was nervous due to the high-class atmosphere, he carefully manipulated her body… Gradually, the treatment began to touch sensitive and risqué parts, and her young and impressionable body became so horny that she could no longer hold back her voice. Put it away. A sensual lesbian esthetician who carefully teases her muscular limbs and makes them melt until they become melty. Kozue Fujita’s first lesbian agony!

A club girl who is immersed in massaging women. Sensual Lesbian – A lesbian esthetician who thoroughly enjoys her muscular body –

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