巨乳チアガールレズビアン ~憧れの先輩とおっぱいが変形するほど濃厚密着し、唾液まみれでキスを貪る~

[Kokoro Ayase x Rin Asahi W lesbian released]New semester after spring break. Suddenly, the child came. Kokoro is a new student who admires Rin, who is active in the cheer squad, and tells her that she has always wanted to meet him. She didn’t feel bad that she had a junior who told her that he liked her, but the “love” that her heart meant was a little different from what Rin had imagined…W God big breasts x double cheerleader x deep tongue kiss. Behind the scenes of club activities, a young lesbian sexual intercourse where she explodes and enjoys her hidden desires.

Big-breasted cheerleader lesbian – Gets so close to the senior she admires that her breasts become deformed, and kisses her with saliva.

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