私はもう逃げられない…。 狂気の監禁緊縛…愛玩人形レズビアン調教

[Koko Asakura bondage lifted! ]”Kokona” has not been blessed with luck since ancient times. Her contract with the company she worked for was terminated, and one day while working part-time as a survey researcher to raise money for her living expenses, she visited the impressive Kurokawa family, but… Everything is a “trap” set in order to dedicate himself to her. Days of training and being toyed with as her “pet doll”… an SM pleasure hell from which there is no escape. Kokona Asakura gives a passionate performance in bondage for the first time! Confinement bondage lesbian of madness and fear!

I can’t run away anymore… Crazy confinement bondage…pet doll lesbian training

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