松本いちかがガチで憧れていた河東実里と高級ラブホで朝までじっくりいちゃいちゃレズセックス 河東実里×松本いちか 初遭遇で初共演!

Popular actress Ichika Matsumoto meets her idol Minori Kawahigashi for the first time, co-stars for the first time, and has lesbian sex for the first time! The strongest coupling lesbian combination that has never seemed possible until now is realized in a miracle at Vivian! These two are the best and the strongest just by appearing on the show! Then they started lesbian kissing, licking each other’s breasts, and cunnilingus…! Just by imagining it, it’s guaranteed to be the highest level lesbian AV of the century!

Ichika Matsumoto has lesbian sex with Minori Kawahigashi, whom she really admired, at a luxury love hotel until the morning. Minori Kawahigashi x Ichika Matsumoto co-star for the first time in their first encounter!

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