恋愛禁止の裏側。 濡れ舌剥き出しでねっちょり交わる欲求不満アイドルレズビアン

[Moeka Marui x Mito Wakui Double Lesbian Ban Released]”Romance is prohibited, but it’s okay if it’s between girls, right?” Frustrated idols who are bound by the ban on romance, drool with the members and devour each other’s pent-up sexual desire. Make it explode! After the concert, handshake events, magazine shoots… Whenever they find a chance, they expose their thick tongues and intertwine, repeating their orgasms over and over again in a world just the two of them. Beautiful idol’s raw, slutty, real lesbian sex that you’ll never see on stage.

The other side of the ban on love. Frustrated idol lesbians having wet tongues exposed

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