自ら調教を望む変態マゾ教師 お嬢様学校 放課後調教倶楽部レズビアン

“I had fantasized about myself being tied up.” One day, when Anne learned that her idol, Chiharu, was a trainer at a training club, she volunteered to become a meat slave and asked to be trained. was…. Bondage training, humiliation play, exposure masturbation, strap-on deepthroat, becoming a female dog pet…A pervert masochist teacher who has awakened to the pleasure of SM lesbians enjoys hard training play and seeks extreme punishment…It unfolds in the flower garden of a noble school. A secret lewd slave masochist training lesbian.

Perverted masochist teacher who wants to train herself. Young lady’s school. After school training club. Lesbian.

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