他人を見下す高飛車バリキャリOLも虜にする 女性専用強制開発M性感エステレズ

Kanna is a successful office lady who rose to the position of executive officer of a company with her overwhelming work ability and pride. She feels tired from scolding her subordinates for making many mistakes at work, so she suddenly sees an advertisement for a beauty salon, and out of curiosity, she makes a reservation for a massage… Teasing, local massage, and pleasure torture. An overbearing woman who only knows her work is shaken by her first pleasure, and after just one lesbian massage session, she degenerates into a mere woman… Forced development M erotic esthetics lesbian for women only!

Forced development for women that captivates even high-handed office ladies who look down on others.

[BBAN446 / BBAN-446 / BBAN 446]