突然のゲリラ豪雨に打たれて濡れ透けレズビアン 憧れの先輩にビチョ濡れ巨乳で密着誘惑されて・・・理性吹き飛び求め合った絶倫レズ性交

Rika and Hono, who belong to the same university club, are on their way home from shopping when they suddenly get wet due to the heavy rain… Their heart flutters when they see the transparent clothes and chest of the senior they’ve always admired. Hono. Looking at the situation, Rikka approaches with the seduction of a slut with no bra and big breasts that is soaking wet… Guerrilla heavy rain x guerrilla slut x guerilla big breasts. In a divine development that was unexpected, the distance between the two of them rapidly approached, and they overlapped their wet naked bodies and immersed themselves in lesbian sex…

A lesbian gets wet and see-through after being hit by a sudden torrential downpour. She is seduced by the senior she admires with her dripping wet big breasts…and their reason is blown away.

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