レズビアンに囚われた女潜入捜査官 ~弱者を踏みにじる芸能プロダクションの闇を暴く~

[Emma Futaba lesbian ban lifted! ! ]Emma is a new elite investigator who infiltrates an entertainment production company to uncover underground business operations. Although he is young, he is confident because he has led many missions to resolution, and his sense of justice burns as he vows to solve them this time as well. However, even though he finds evidence of wrongdoing, he is defeated in a battle with Noa, who was waiting for him, and ends up being detained and interrogated. Falling into lesbianism…

A female undercover investigator trapped by a lesbian ~Exposing the darkness of entertainment production companies that trample on the weak~

[BBAN451 / BBAN-451 / BBAN 451]