ずっと好きだったのはあなただけ 百合癒し温泉旅行レズビアン

■Ena Satsuki: Straight and heartbroken after breaking up with her boyfriend. She is a pure girl who comes to a hot spring trip with Hibiki. ■Hibiki Otsuki: Ena’s best friend who has known her since high school. She cares for the heartbroken Ena and brings her to her hot spring trip. She’s actually a lesbian. ■Synopsis Ena is in the midst of a broken heart. Her best friend Hibiki is worried about this and invites Ena to go on a hot spring trip with her. In fact, Hibiki, who is a true lesbian, sees Ena’s naked body when they take a hot spring together and becomes lustful due to her attractive appearance. There, Hibiki is dissuaded by reason, saying, “No, Ena is her best friend.” However, while drinking alcohol, Hibiki can’t control her feelings and her body starts to burn with her emotions. She suddenly confesses, “Actually, I’ve always loved Ena,” and presses him for a deeply passionate relationship that is about to begin. At first, Ena was surprised and confused, but before she knew it, she fell in love with her supreme charm that could only be experienced between lesbian women, and began to seek her out on her own.

The only person I’ve loved for a long time is you – Yuri Healing Hot Spring Travel Lesbian

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