仕組まれた相部屋レズ 上司と部下の関係からご主人様と奴隷の絶対服従にまで百合堕ちしたペット化レズビアン

Himari Kinoshita (a subordinate) works at an advertising agency. She has a strong admiration for her manager (her boss), Kana Morisawa, a beautiful career woman who balances work and family. One day, when she went on a business trip, she was arranged by Manager Morisawa to share a room with Kinoshita, who taught her how to be a lesbian.Since then, her body and mind have fallen under the training of her master, Director Morisawa, and she has become completely addicted to lesbianism until she is eventually turned into a pet…

Organized Lesbian Room Sharing – Lesbian pet lesbians who have fallen from the relationship between boss and subordinate to absolute obedience between master and slave.

[BBAN454 / BBAN-454 / BBAN 454]