突然襲われ、快感を植え付けられたむっつり巨乳の文学少女。 ~卑猥な文章を読み続け熱くなったカラダをおかしくなるまで舐め犯される~

[Natsuki Hoshino’s lesbianism ban lifted]”I was so absorbed in erotic novels that I became defenseless. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t even notice the crazy gaze that was being directed at me…” Mystery An innocent literary girl who was targeted by a young girl was forced to release her pent-up sexual desire until today through sleep rape, restraint torture, strap-on training, and a sensual lesbian rape where she was licked and raped, and her sensitive body became more sensitive. Unable to resist the pleasure, he eventually climaxes repeatedly.

A plump, big-breasted literary girl who is suddenly attacked and instilled with pleasure. She continues to read obscene texts and gets her heated body licked and raped until it goes crazy.

[BBAN460 / BBAN-460 / BBAN 460]