都月るいさレズ解禁 幼馴染みの友達から突然のレズカミングアウト!下品でドロドロに乱れる百合SEXで絶頂連続イキしてドMの本性が目を覚ます!

Rui and Waka, two childhood friends who attended the same university, were always together. Waka has secretly had feelings for Ruisa for a long time.Ruisa, who recently broke up with her boyfriend, says, “I wish someone like Waka was my boyfriend…” From that day on, the two of them were no longer just childhood friends…

Ruisa Miyazuki’s lesbianism is lifted. A childhood friend suddenly comes out as a lesbian! The true nature of the masochist awakens as he cums continuously with vulgar and messy Yuri SEX!

[BBAN466 / BBAN-466 / BBAN 466]