終電を逃した小悪魔後輩にオナニールーティンを崩され 相部屋禁欲で敏感になったカラダを痴女責めされてレズイキ絶頂を繰り返すオナ狂い女上司

Kanna, a career woman who works for a major company, is well-liked within the company and is seen as a gentle person because she is always smiling, but in reality she is so powerful that she cannot maintain her ego unless she masturbates. He had a strong sexual desire. Ena, a junior at the company who missed the last train, suddenly comes to the frustrated monster created by years of masturbation brainwashing, and is forced to stay overnight…by suddenly being forced to abstain from sharing a room without an appointment. Kanna was trying to hold back on masturbation, but she gradually lost her rationality and started masturbating with her junior’s personal belongings…

My masturbation routine is disrupted by my devilish junior who missed the last train, and my masturbation-crazy female boss is attacked by a slut on my sensitive body due to abstinence from sharing a room, and repeats lesbian orgasms.

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