天乃のあレズ解禁 復讐ハウスメイドの下剋上リベンジレズ調教で理解(ワカ)らせる

Story: Amano Noa…A wealthy heiress of the Amano family. She was always feared by those around her because of her selfish and reckless behavior. She (she is what you would call a super-rich bully) However, behind her becoming this way is the “loneliness” she has had since childhood. Her mother was distracted by her father’s affair, and she went crazy. That’s why she used violence every day. She grew up being abused, but before she knew it, she became excited by slaps, punches, chokes, and whips.・Rui Otokoto…A maid hired by the Amano family. She is maternal, kind, and devoted. Even though she was subjected to violence from Noa, she endured it all her life. she is a lesbian. At first, she pretends to be in love with Ruihana, but it is later revealed that this was just her acting. He was the child of Ruiha’s father’s mistress. (*In other words, Rui is her step-sister.) Rui was poor. She was abused by her single mother. That’s why she always wanted revenge on her father and her family for abandoning her mother. And she sneaks into Amano’s house as a maid. She was waiting for her revenge.But she…she learns of her loneliness and her plans are shaken…

Amano’s Lesbian Ban Released Revenge Housemaid’s Revenge Lesbian Training to Make Her Understand (Waka)

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