濡れて、はしゃいで、ぬくもり求めて寄り添い合って。 所かまわずキスに溺れて感情むき出しで絡み合う濃密レズビアンデート

[Arai Limarez released]A girl who was actually a little weak. However, they spend a lot of time together and Rima gradually opens up to Ena… Sunny then rainy. When they muster up the courage to step inside their hearts, the rain drowns out all unnecessary sounds, and in a world of just the two of them, they simply seek each other’s warmth and share their pleasures. A life-sized lesbian release document of a girl who exposes her true nature.

Get wet, have fun, and snuggle up for warmth. An intense lesbian date where they kiss regardless of where they are and get entangled with their emotions

[BBAN470 / BBAN-470 / BBAN 470]