昔バカにしていた陰キャ女子と大学でまさかの再会! 有名ヤリマンギャルに豹変した地味子に立場逆転で痴女られ続けるレズビアンキャンパスライフ

[Tseika Igarashi’s first real lesbian experience]In junior high and high school, Seika was popular with everyone because she was cool, but she had a slightly mischievous personality, sometimes being mean to her classmates. However, at her university, her personality subsided, and she began to spend her days quietly, unable to fit in with the atmosphere around her, making her so-called reverse debut. At that time, she transfers to another school and her classmate Mai, who had been estranged, coincidentally reunites with her at university. Both her appearance and her personality have suddenly changed into a carnivorous erotic gal bitch. Her hierarchy is completely reversed, and Seika is forced to awaken her lesbian instincts…

An unexpected reunion at university with a secretive girl whom I used to make fun of! Lesbian campus life where a simple girl suddenly transforms into a famous bimbo gal and continues to be turned into a slut.

[BBAN479 / BBAN-479 / BBAN 479]