レズに堕ちていく私 ~一寸先はレズ地獄~

[Reika Ichiba lesbian ban lifted! ! ]It’s impossible for women to be together. It should have been that she was simply forced to have sex with him because she was taken advantage of because of her position and couldn’t refuse… My girlfriend Reika, who has moved to Tokyo due to her husband’s transfer, is called by Mrs. Reiko, the wife of her husband’s boss, Chief Kobayakawa, to visit her at her residence. Her girlfriend Reika, who used to work at a publishing company, was asked by Reiko to make a flyer for a women’s meeting… Later, when she visited her house with the design, she was… Suddenly I was pushed onto the sofa… Her frustrated body reacts to the naughty kiss between women that she experiences for the first time… A deeply immersed lesbian who awakens the pleasure of her female pleasure that she had almost forgotten! !

I am falling into a lesbian ~Lesbian hell is just a step away~

[BBAN482 / BBAN-482 / BBAN 482]