お嬢様学校 お仕置き倶楽部レズビアン ~美人教師の躾に酔いしれるマゾ少女~

“…You’ve passed. You should join my club…” Hikaru fell in love at first sight with Jun, a beautiful and elegant female teacher, and decided to join the club as she was invited… in the name of learning femininity as a teacher… The days of severe and naughty training and punishment by the “older sister” begin. Hikaru, who even feels pleasure from the bewitching and sadistic lesbian training, begins to ask for punishment herself… Spanking, humiliating play during class, pleasure incontinence, strap-on training, wandering around naked, cleaning the pussy after using the toilet, etc., and embarrassing lesbian training. Awakening her masochistic heart, Jun also gets excited and seeks out the student’s body… Yuri and Yuri are drowning together, and Yuri’s SM squirting lesbians! !

Young Lady’s School Punishment Club Lesbian ~Masochist Girl Enthralled by Beautiful Teacher’s Discipline~

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