芸能界のレズビアン性加害実録 ~ドS女社長の性癖発散マゾペットに堕ちた新人アイドル~

Overwhelming master-servant lesbian training that takes advantage of her position! Mion, a strong-willed girl who is tipped to make her idol debut, is completely at the mercy of Hibiki, the sadistic female president of an entertainment agency. “Such things are commonplace in the entertainment industry.”Slaps, strangulation, bathing, spankings, strap-on videos… A merciless baptism of the entertainment industry, carried out with a devilish smile on its face. A new idol is drugged with an aphrodisiac and is tamed by an abnormal sexual habit, turning into a masochistic pet. This is a true story of lesbian abuse behind the scenes of a glittering world.

A true story of lesbian sexual assault in the entertainment world – A new idol who fell into the masochist role of a sadist female president –

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