Maybe your job requires a driver’s license, and you come to a training camp to get it in a short period of time. There, he meets Himari, a classmate of hers from school. As they spend time together again, Rika begins to confide in Himari the feelings she had kept deep within her heart. And then, she and Himari are no longer able to hide their feelings for her. The two of them, who have been sharing a room for a long time, eventually become one in their thoughts and bodies. A lesbian license training camp where you forget about time and immerse yourself in the world of just the two of you, regardless of whether there are other people around you.

At a lesbian license training camp, a classmate who met again forced her unrequited love from her school days on her, teased her with her sensitive big breasts, and continued to make her into a slut to the point that her logic was blown away.

[BBAN490 / BBAN-490 / BBAN 490]