[Azuki Amazuki Lesbian Revealed]Azusa moved to Tokyo in pursuit of Ena, a senior she admires, but even now she is unable to meet Ena and is living a lonely life. When she was living a stressful life due to overemployment, she happened to find a prostitute named Mariko who looked very similar to Ena on the website of a sex shop for women, and with her faint expectations, she decided to pursue the woman. I decided to nominate it. He met her at a lesbian sex club, but in the end, he could no longer suppress his long-held feelings for her and nominated her over and over again, and Azu fell into a bottomless swamp of pleasure…

I found a senior from my school days that I admired in a lesbian entertainment business…I was drowning in body and soul in the little devil’s erotic service where I was nominated many times and was teased and slutted.

[BBAN491 / BBAN-491 / BBAN 491]