キュッとしたクビレ、キリッとした顔立ち。 ウエスト55cm 美しきベビーフェイス双葉れぇなAVデビュー。 私は誰かのおもちゃになって壊されたい。

[Amazing 55cm neck! Let’s enter the world of AV with the body trained for sex! ]Reina Futaba is a baby-faced actress who has sharp features but is plump. Now that she’s 20 years old, she’s appearing in an AV that she’s been thinking about for a long time! She said, “She wants to appear in an AV and break down so much that she no longer feels like herself,” and she has a wonderful orgasm! I want to experience professional sex techniques, I want to be famous, I want to be someone who can openly say that my hobby is sex, and I don’t want to lose to anyone because of a breakout! I hate losing, I’m more serious than anyone else, and this debut work is serious! !

A sharp curvature and sharp features. Reina Futaba’s beautiful baby face AV debut with her 55cm waist. I want to be someone’s toy and be destroyed.

[CAWD712 / CAWD-712 / CAWD 712]