オタ活が生き甲斐の男友達みたいな早口女オタクだけど… むちむち恵体Hcupどスケベボディ メスイキ絶頂AVデビュー

Nano Yazawa is a real female otaku who is a machine gun talker when it comes to her favorite things. If we were together like a male friend, she would be comfortable and we would laugh together, but as a member of the opposite sex, it would be a bit a bit…However, when she takes off her clothes, she has a slutty body with a big Hcup butt that seems comfortable to hold, and she is very honest about her sexual desires…! She has a sensitive constitution that changes suddenly when it comes to sex, and the more intense it is, the more she cums immediately! It’s not a one-night stand, it’s not a relationship, it’s not just a physical relationship…If you want to have a sex friend, this is the way to go!

Nano Yazawa’s otaku life is a fast-talking female otaku like her male friends, but… She has a plump Megumi Hcup body and a slutty body, making her climax AV debut

[EBWH023 / EBWH-023 / EBWH 023]