見た目は清楚、中身はどスケベ 身長170cm B90cm(F) H96cm 8頭身お嬢様 AVデビュー

Although she has a small face, she is 170cm tall and has big breasts and a big butt. She has been raised with great care since childhood, and her lessons include piano, ballet, and calligraphy. She is currently an elite female university student majoring in law. Kaede Hasumi, a boxed girl, has fallen in love with AV and erotic things as a reaction to that, and has decided to appear in her AV this time. Even though she is cute and has a good figure, she shows off how she enjoys sex more than anyone else, and she gets confused by the professional actor’s technique…

Kaede Hasumi looks neat and slutty on the inside, height 170cm, B 90cm (F), H 96cm, 8-headed young lady, AV debut

[EBWH026 / EBWH-026 / EBWH 026]