[Completely subjective][Binaural recording]The J● who was at the place I visited for the first time as a tutor… was an unexpected little devil Fcup! ? “Isn’t it okay for my boyfriend to cum?” The sound of a cat stroking at close range will give you goosebumps and send shivers down your spine! You can clearly hear even the sound of someone breathing out, giving you goosebumps! “Do you want me to show you the part where the sperm comes out?” The little devil J● looks at me and commands me with a smile! I am a novice private tutor who had to control my ejaculation as I was told by a begging Fcup seducing ona supporter…Today too, I am obeying my student (Fcup)…I am so happy

Azu Amatsuki An anime voice where you, the tutor, have your ejaculation controlled by your pampered big-breasted student, dirty talk & beautiful girl staring at each other on support

[EBWH032 / EBWH-032 / EBWH 032]