ちっちゃくて(身長145cm)でちょいぽちゃ(ウエスト65cm)だけど…チアで全国優勝した栄光が忘れらんなくて… 売れないグラドル まなみ静奈(抱き心地◎)、AVデビューで今度こそ帰り咲くっ!

Gravure idol “Shina Manami” who is not selling well. Her complex is about her past glory and where she is now… When she was a student, she won the national championship in cheerleading and was admired by her male classmates, leading to a sparkling life. In order to relive her glory, she begins her gravure career, but she is small in stature and has a chubby waist, so she doesn’t scream or fly… “They say her hugs are the best!” In order to satisfy her desire for approval and become someone else, she aims to make a comeback in the world of AV…! !

Shizuna Manami is small (height 145cm) and a little chubby (waist 65cm), but I can’t forget the glory of winning the national championship in cheerleading… Shizuna Manami (comfortable to hold), a gravure idol who won’t sell, will bloom again with her AV debut!

[EBWH033 / EBWH-033 / EBWH 033]