職業:六本木勤務の人気ラウンジ嬢 俺に惚れている愛嬌抜群のスリム巨乳JDとお泊り不倫中出し性交

[The most popular girl who refuses to sell pillows]I fell in love with a slender G-cup beautiful girl who works in a certain lounge, and without telling my wife, we had courtship sex over and over again… She shows her lovely face only to me, and entrusts her heart and soul to me without giving anything in return. “Please keep it a secret from your wife…?” Someone who forgets all the stress of everyday life and just pours out his sexual desires on her slender body. An incredible night.

Shio Sato Occupation: Popular lounge girl working in Roppongi Sleepover affair with an attractive slim big breasted JD who is in love with me and having sex with her during an extramarital affair

[EBWH034 / EBWH-034 / EBWH 034]