痴女られるなら美少女よりギャルが良い!クラブで逆ナンしてきたタトゥースリム巨乳 ノリでAVデビュー

everyone! If you’re going to be treated like a slut, wouldn’t it be better to go with a girl with full body tattoos who looks a little strong? ? We met at a night club. A cheerful gal who emphasizes the lines of the AV director Samoari has many tattoos on her body and a strong impression. But she’s a cheerful girl when she talks to her. She said she was interested in AV and agreed to appear on the show, saying, “I’m interested in professional masochist men.”

Karen Otori If you want to be a slut, a gal is better than a beautiful girl!A tattooed slim big-breasted AV debut who did a reverse sex at a club

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