地味OLが実は隠れLcupのエロ裏垢女子… 大嫌いな上司に仕組まれた相部屋で爆乳を揺らし寝取られる

Yuki Nitta takes on her first full-fledged NTR drama! Her middle-aged boss happened to come across an extreme video of her exposing her huge breasts, and it turned out to be a sneak peek of a normally sober female employee. You get bolder at night, so what are you hiding? An unequaled sexual intercourse that lasts until morning on a planned business trip to a shared room. “I wonder what will happen if I post my current SEX on your back page…” Endless sexual desire in the lewd Lcup body that is watched by 30,000 followers. Unable to resist the manager whom she thought she despised, she is made to cum over and over again, and her female instincts awaken…

Yuki Nitta A plain office lady is actually a hidden L-cup erotic girl… She shakes her huge breasts and gets cuckolded in the shared room set up by her boss who hates her.

[EBWH038 / EBWH-038 / EBWH 038]