終電逃して後輩家に泊まることに… 部屋着のトレーニングウェア姿と健康的な巨乳スリムボディに興奮し一晩中アスリート並みに貪り合った。

I missed the last train, so I decided to stay at the house of a beautiful junior. A junior who (apparently) stretches at home every day appears in training wear that shows off her cleavage and waist… (sweat). “Senpai! It’s flexible… so please push my body!” Healthy, big breasts and a toned body. When I saw such a nice body, my rationality was blown away… and I attacked her… “Eh…Senpai…!?” My rampage didn’t stop and we fucked all night… And then I cum many times. I’m not bad about this…right? It’s because of my junior’s erotic body…right?

Kyoren missed the last train and decided to stay at a junior’s house… We were excited by her workout clothes and her healthy slim body with big breasts, and we raved about each other all night like athletes.

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