The popular work “My Girlfriend Drools Too Much”, which has more than 10,000 FANZA favorites, has been made into a live-action version! Intense and smooth sex with a cool big-breasted beautiful girl with a special constitution![Synopsis]Aoi is a beautiful girl who always keeps a towel over her mouth and quietly looks around her. In the spring of her first year at university, a college student (her main character) was in the same class as her, and he was curious about her. She is attracted to Aoi’s smile that she secretly shows from time to time, and when she takes the plunge and confesses her love to him, to her surprise, she says yes and the two end up dating. However, even after they start dating, Aoi’s cool demeanor does not change, and their relationship continues without any progress. Wanting to get to know his girlfriend more, the college student invites his girlfriend Aoi out on a date, but there he ends up learning a surprising secret about her.

Natsuki Hoshino My girlfriend drools too much

[EBWH059 / EBWH-059 / EBWH 059]