訳あり・問題ありの巨乳冒険者たちに囲まれてセックス三昧!? 女性ばかりのパーティにヒーラーの僕が加入した結果 実写版 異世界ハーレム漫画を初映像化!!

One day, Emil, an outcast healer, saves Sephiora, a busty adventurer and guardian who is being chased by a debt collector. In order to thank her, Emil was taken to a back alley and given a titjob, and then had violent sex with her. He ends up joining Sefiora’s party, but… The members are all big-breasted adventurers with their own reasons and problems. For some reason, a wizard who is cosplaying as a priest is a female warrior whose sexual desire goes out of control after the battle. Will Emile be able to get along well with them? ? The blockbuster parallel world harem manga, which has been downloaded over 20,000 times by FANZA doujinshi, has been made into a movie for the first time! ! !

Konatsu Kashiwagi is surrounded by big-breasted adventurers with problems and has sex! ? The result of me, a healer, joining an all-female party.The first live-action version of the parallel world harem manga! !

[EBWH064 / EBWH-064 / EBWH 064]