無口で従順なくせに主張の強すぎるLcup セフレにするならこんな女が一番良い。

Nitta Yuki is a subordinate who is always quiet and plain. One day, I found a video of her obscene side job. There, she was left with a swaying image of her huge breasts that were so obscene that they couldn’t be ignored. I couldn’t resist calling her to my house and asking her to do everything from cleaning her house to having sex with me, and the taciturn Nitta-kun accepted all of her wishes without any resistance. A convenient woman is the best after all. And those L-cup breasts are addicting. Shall I invite you to my house next weekend? Nitta-kun will shut up and listen to what I have to say.

Yuki Nitta A woman like this is the best if you want to have an L-cup sex friend who is quiet and obedient but is very assertive.

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