インターハイ出場に貢献した鉄壁リベロ 細身美脚長のFcup本物アスリート 犬飼ゆまAVデビュー

She was active as a volleyball player with her guts and athleticism. Her looks are so cute that people have been giving her a small bus on SNS. However, ever since she was an athlete, she has been more curious about sex than anyone else. After her retirement, her sexual desire became stronger day by day, and she finally decided to appear in AV. She masturbates every day without a partner, and she has passionate sex to vent her frustration. Her slender, tall body is dynamically arching, showing off the unique features of an athlete who masturbates violently.

Yuma Inukai – An iron-clad libero who contributed to the Inter-High competition. A genuine F-cup athlete with slender and long legs. Yuma Inukai makes her AV debut.

[EBWH074 / EBWH-074 / EBWH 074]