It’s been 8 years since I quit being a gravure idol. She remembers the days when she had a strong sexual desire and was deeply interested in sex since her idol days, and decided to appear in an AV in order to make her bloom again at the end of her 20s. Her voluptuous G-cup bust, which hasn’t changed since her active days, is exposed through her swimsuit, and she is licked, sucked, and pinched, making it even more active than in the gravure shoot. Even though it’s her first AV appearance, she sucks the cock herself, carefully licks it up, and climaxes with great orgasms. This is a document of her transformation from a famous gravure idol to an AV actress!

Ai Yamabuki A former celebrity who was also featured in Weekly Pu● has gained adult sex appeal and returns to the center stage for the first time in 8 years. Gcup genuine gravure idol Ai Yamabuki AV debut

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