最終水着審査で大逆転優勝した 身長172cm B89cm(F) H93cm 仰天スタイルの元ミスキャンパスAVデビュー

Long, slender limbs. Good shape and firm F cup breasts. Her plump butt makes her already slender waist stand out even more. Furthermore, she is 172cm tall. Sayaka Matsuoka has an amazing body that puts even gravure idols to shame. She is currently an office lady, but when she was a university student, her style was so overwhelming in the final swimsuit judging of a pageant that it is convincing that she came from behind to win the championship from the current female announcer who was a candidate for the championship. I have an episode of Please take a look at the sex that shows off her outstanding style.

Sayaka Matsuoka won the final swimsuit competition in a big turn. Height: 172 cm, B: 89 cm (F), H: 93 cm, Former Miss Campus AV debut with astonishing style

[EBWH076 / EBWH-076 / EBWH 076]