同窓会NTR 華奢巨乳美女は久々に再会した絶倫元カレとの浮気性交に背徳感と共に大絶頂を繰り返す

Today is the class reunion. She reunites with her classmate’s ex-boyfriend for the first time in a while. When we were dating, my ex-boyfriend asked me for sex every day…I didn’t like the relationship at all, so I dumped him. To be honest, I feel a little awkward meeting each other at the reunion. But…when I actually met my ex-boyfriend, I was a little nervous because he had grown into an adult. I have a boyfriend who I’m currently dating. After the class reunion, I missed the last train, but I ended up drinking something I wasn’t used to and got so drunk that I couldn’t move properly. At that time, my ex-boyfriend came to my rescue and took me to the hotel. But…unexpectedly, only one room was available… We’ll be spending time in the same room… Very awkward atmosphere. A few hours later, my ex-boyfriend said, “I still love you…” I got drunk and went out of my way…and ended up having sex with my ex-boyfriend… Not cool… Not cool… Having sex while thinking like that… makes me excited for some reason. I’m the worst. In the past, I used to have a bad feeling about my ex-boyfriend who penetrated me right away and had intense sex with me. But now, while thinking about me, he gently caressed me, and the sex he had become good at made me cum… It’s not a good thing to do, but…it’s the best.

Kyoren Class Reunion NTR A slender big-breasted beauty repeatedly climaxes with a sense of immorality as she has cheating sex with her ex-boyfriend whom she reunited with after a long time

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