After graduating from a fashion-related vocational school, there was no particular thing she wanted to do, so she somehow ended up joining an apparel manufacturer. She doesn’t have any hobbies…the only thing she loves is sex. It’s been a while since she started working, but she says, “Working here is boring and I love sex, so I think I’ll change jobs to the adult entertainment industry… (lol)” “However, in the adult entertainment industry, if your parents find out, you’ll be in trouble, and you can’t have sex at a proper company.” I wish I had one,” I started thinking. At that time! She had an idea. …She proposes to her president the development of an erotic cosplay business! “As the number of men and women having sex is decreasing, we can double sales by developing the best erotic cosplay costumes! And as a countermeasure for the declining birthrate!” However, in their hearts, they thought, “You can work and have sex while wearing naughty costumes!” “This will increase sales!” If I wear this costume and have sex with a client, I’ll get hired right away, and I can contribute to our company!” That idea is so crazy (lol). And from that day on…I enjoy working and having sex every day! …She wanted to work with a child like this.

Alice Nanase – The legendary slim beauty and busty reverse bunny who turned a fashion company on the verge of bankruptcy into a V-shaped recovery with her new erotic cosplay business and pillow sales.

[EBWH083 / EBWH-083 / EBWH 083]