経験人数0.5人 今AV界で最も男性経験のない色白巨乳素人が初イキするまでのAV出演ドキュメント

In the spring of my second year at university, when I was 19 years old, I had sex for the first time with my first boyfriend and it didn’t feel good at all. This showed in his attitude, and he became disillusioned and was dumped. This caused her a lot of trauma, and even though she wasn’t very active in the first place, she became even more involved in her love life. Although she was interested in him, she lost confidence and became anxious, wondering, “Will he not feel my body?” At that time, I noticed the AV actresses who are appearing on stage these days. She was curious so she actually watched the AV. There was sex that I didn’t know about. The sex seemed so good that she wanted to experience it herself. Then she took the plunge and applied to appear in an AV. A one-month debut documentary that follows a quiet office lady who has 0.5 people experience and is almost a virgin as she searches for real sex.

Sumire Yukisaki, 0.5 people with experience, AV performance document of the fair-skinned big-breasted amateur with the least experience with men in the AV world until she has her first orgasm

[EBWH086 / EBWH-086 / EBWH 086]