見た目で選んだ俺の愛人はエグいほどドスケベ絶倫 ~チ●ポ欲しがり美女たちの奪い合い中出し性交~

≪E-BODY exclusive, Hibiki Ren x kawaii exclusive, Shitara Yuhi W co-starring for the first time! ≫Wild and instinctive. Erotic sex and a slender and beautiful body. If you make two of the finest people who have the dreams of such a man as your mistresses…of course, you will be competing for his cock day and night, and you will have a dream sex life where you will never stop having sex, no matter how many times you fuck. 120 minutes of a rich and intense day full of lust and endless sex, with all the useless parts removed and only the sex acts recorded.

Hibiki Ren: My mistress, who I chose based on her looks, is so lewd that it’s so erotic ~ Beautiful women who crave dick compete for each other and have creampie sex ~

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