[Takamine’s receptionist, who has fallen in love with her boss (who is married), serves him like a state guest and gives him pleasure in order to make him look at him… ]Alice Nanase works as a receptionist and falls in love with a man in the company. He is her married man. The two of them are not even allowed to have casual conversations in the office. In order to make him turn around, she devotes all her love, body, and bodily fluids. Even though their slender bodies are covered in saliva and sweat, they continue to shake their hips at each other, spend the night together for the first time, and even when the morning comes, they don’t stop making love…

Alice Nanase Takamine’s flower that everyone looks back on treats you like a king all night long, sweet and erotic service affair sexual intercourse

[EBWH092 / EBWH-092 / EBWH 092]